Our solutions address the problems facing the modern workplace, including the traditional process of employee engagement. We work with our clients to meet and exceed their goals relating to engagement, manager development, selection, and retention.

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Because building and measuring engagement should occur at the same time. We start with a survey correlated to business outcomes, provide immediate insights to all respondents, and deliver comprehensive analysis within days of survey close. We call this combination of innovation The NEXUS Experience, the evolution of employee engagement.


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Because great managers are your greatest asset. Our NEXUS Experience includes a Manager Connection portal and drip learning between survey administrations. We design custom training and development courses and tools for managers at all levels in your organization.


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Because a high performance culture begins with the best fit, it pays to pay attention to who you hire. We analyze your top performers, then design a profile to use in your efforts to hire, manage, and retain the very best. We call this tool CultureFit because, well, it’s easy to remember.

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Because your culture is who you hire and keep. We conduct turnover analysis and ad hoc consulting to help organizations understand why exactly people choose to leave. This research can accompany engagement and selection work or can stand alone to provide insight that helps you retain your top performers.