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We designed the NEXUS Experience for organizations who want to build engagement in the very process of measuring it. It’s for the company that’s tired of waiting months to see results after a survey closes. For managers expected to fix their teams without the practical tools to do so. And it’s for the people who believe that every individual has a role to play in creating an engaged and engaging place to work.

How it works: We start with a survey correlated to your company’s bottom line, then provide immediate individualized insights to all survey participants. We present a comprehensive analysis to your executive team within a few days of survey close and launch manager development resources to equip teams for ongoing discussion and action based on the results. We keep in touch throughout the year based on your unique situation.



Creating a high performance culture involves selecting not just the greatest talent, but more importantly, the greatest talent fit. It requires cultivating the relationships and expectations that will drive your teams and your business forward. Your culture is made up of the people you hire and keep. So it pays to pay attention to who you hire and why.

How it works: We start with an analysis of high performing individuals and teams in your culture. Then we design a profile to be used in the selection process, as well as themes for hiring, managing, and retaining your best people.