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Discover the why behind our approach to culture and engagement.
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For the second consecutive year, The Coffman Organization has been named as a Top 10 Employee Engagement Solution Provider. Find out why.  
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Building Great Veterinary Practice Culture!

How the NEXUS Experience challenged and changed one hospital's workplace culture.
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Making Culture Your Competitive Advantage


Since he first broke all the rules with one of the bestselling management books to date, Curt Coffman has been a leading innovator in employee engagement. Now he and Dr. Kathie Sorensen are bringing workplace consulting to new levels of impact with solutions that drive action and change at the local level.


Research driven and client focused, we meet unique challenges with unique solutions that engage every level of your organization in the process of building a better workplace. We’ve designed our deliverables through extensive study of what distinguishes top performers in order to unlock the potential of your people.


Discover the why behind our approach to culture and engagement in the workplace. It’s a quick read that helps you better understand what your culture is and how you can transform it to drive your business forward. Click here if you have a special promo code.


We’re not just a survey vendor. We’re a valued partner to our clients, delivering data in a meaningful and actionable way. We’re experts in our field. Our goal is to share that expertise, to help your teams eliminate obstacles to their productivity and innovation so that you can continue doing what you do best.


Learn how the NEXUS Experience and the AAA Culture Connection, a collaboration between AAHA and The Coffman Organization challenged and changed one veterinary hospital's workplace culture!


Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current survey vendor or your just beginning to invest in employee engagement, we’d love to hear your story and answer your questions. Sample our solutions, and we’ll work with you to design the best fit for your organization.

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