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An international leader in management and engagement, Curt Coffman’s work has been translated into over 40 different languages. His research and writings have appeared in numerous publications. He is the New York Times Bestselling co-author of First, Break all the Rules, Follow This Path, and Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch. An insightful speaker, Mr. Coffman presents to thousands each year on the creation and impact of great cultures on organizations and their people.

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Curt at Street Fight Mag Summit

Watch Curt’s Keynote at Street Fight Magazine’s national summit in Brooklyn last month.

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Curt spent the day at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center meeting with a senior manager, delivering a keynote to 200+ attendees, and then leading a small group conversation in the afternoon. It was clear that Curt has a depth of expertise on culture change. What stood out the most was his facility with storytelling and how well he integrated that approach with hard facts and statistics. Research indicates that people best remember information conveyed to them in the form of a story. Curt’s input is helpful to organizations seeking to make the case for the “softer” skills.  Also notable, was Curt’s warmth and approachability. Attendees commented on the fact that Curt is a great listener and made it easy for people to ask questions and engage with him, both in the keynote and small conversation format.

Gail S. Williams

Emeritus, Leadership Colloquia Series, NASA

Curt Coffman has served as the thought architect for Ritz-Carlton’s new ‘Service Values,’ which has been cited as one of our organization’s most important change initiatives by executives, general managers and Ladies and Gentlemen alike. Curt’s presentations have received rave reviews and he has been the highest rated speaker at our international general manager’s conference.

John Timmerman

Vice President - Quality, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Curt’s contribution to our event was both memorable and impactful. Attendees were unanimous in ranking Curt as the best session of the day. We look forward to having him back.

Ronald Balmer

Principal & Clobal Practice Leader - Client Experience, Greenwich Associates

Customers are willing to pay a premium for strong brands. Strong brands are the result of employees and the cultures they create. Curt Coffman brings the clear direction necessary to understand and capitalize on these realities.

Matthew F. Gonzales

Corporate Manager- Organizational Development, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A