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We already have an engagement survey vendor, but we need some consulting on our culture. Do we have to use your survey to use your consulting?

Not necessarily. That all depends on your unique situation. If your current vendor delivers the engagement results you desire, keep that partnership. We can help you increase engagement and align your culture using either your current survey or our EE2.0 survey. We customize your solution to fit your organization’s challenges and goals.

Can we add our own items to the survey?

Absolutely. Our clients have unique goals and situations. We help them make the most of their engagement efforts by adding client-specific items as requested. Our survey questions and process come from decades of research across various industries. We have an extensive bank of survey items with international benchmarks that we use to ensure that data on client-specific items has the greatest impact for your organization.

Do you provide industry-specific percentiles?

We can break out percentile comparisons by industry. We recommend, however, that clients instead look at comparisons against our entire database for two reasons. First, organizations are now competing for talent beyond their industry. Second, but of equal significance, we don’t see the same differences in engagement across industries as we did ten years ago.

Do you work with smaller organizations?

No matter the size of your organization, engaging your people and aligning your culture to your strategy can have a huge impact on your business results and capacity to grow. Smaller organizations depend upon their people and tend to build loyal and lasting relationships with their customers or clients. We love that! We keep our solutions highly scalable and cost effective, so we’ll help you get the maximum impact from your budget, no matter its size.