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The Coffman Organization is an international management, consulting, and research organization dedicated to providing our clients with a customized and integrated system to align culture with strategy to create highly engaged and productive employees and loyal customers.


The attitudes, actions, and beliefs of  employees can create real momentum or profound stagnation. So, what makes a strong corporate culture?

  • Engaged, inspired and loyal employees
  • Dynamic, motivating and involved leadership
  • Positive, memorable and genuine values
  • Clear roles and personal responsibility

Culture is not an intangible, feel-good HR word. It’s one of the most important drivers of long-term, sustainable success. It’s no longer good enough just to have great product or a healthy balance sheet, long-term success is dependent on your culture. Your people are your company and your need culture to be your competitive advantage


It can be described as your commitment to your company and its values, as well as a willingness to stay in the organization. Engaged employees are:

  • Enthusiastic and inspired about their work
  • Empowered to do the work their way
  • Confident they can reach excellence
  • See the value they bring to the company

When it comes to people, research has shown that employees who are engaged significantly outperform those who are not engaged. What will keep your employees striving for higher levels of performance? It’s not happy hours, events and parties but fostering interdepartmental communications, minimizing silos and focusing on your strengths.

What We Do

The Coffman Organization provides a variety of services and education for the modern workplace


Our consulting projects have helped some of the biggest names in business increase customer engagement, improve sales force performance, and advance overall employee productivity, quality, and wellness.


Read our new book, Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch, which describes how to use the forces of corporate culture to make your work environment what you’ve always wanted it to be:  a healthy place with inspired people and boundless organic growth.

Radio Show

Each week, A Great Place to Work, broadcast live every Friday at 11 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel, helps provide workers, leaders, managers or volunteers ways to get more joy and success from their work life.


Each year, The Coffman Organization provides 30 keynote speeches across the globe. Curt Coffman can give a presentation on the topic of great cultures and their impact on individuals, families, organizational growth and engaged customers.

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