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Develop Great Managers

Employee engagement is built or destroyed at the local level. No efforts from leadership compare to the impact of an individual manager. The manager either promotes or pollutes an engaging environment for each team member. Great management doesn’t happen overnight. Even the most motivated manager needs support and guidance throughout the year. Manager development and management training help create a highly engaged workforce.

That’s why our NEXUS Experience includes our Manager Connection portal, filled with resources to facilitate productive discussion of survey results and convenient drip learning that managers receive on a consistent basis, based on research from more than thirty years of study.

Comprehensive Manager Development:

We design customized manager development programs to meet unique client needs and goals. Each program applies the fundamentals of great management to all levels of experience and responsibility within an organization. We work with you to organize the most relevant and impactful learning for your managers.



the glue of engagement, linking individual talent, drive, and capability to the organization’s most crucial issues

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Build Trust

 The relationship between a manager and his or her direct reports drives productivity and innovation. Strong relationships depend on trust. 

Develop Talent

At the core of a great manager’s skill one finds an understanding of strengths and a belief in talent. So naturally one finds it at the core of our tools and training.


Create Routine

Performance management is not a task checked off a manager’s to-do list once a year. It thrives when treated as a habit, second-nature, and part of a consistent routine.


Change the Game

Great Managers remove barriers to team performance. By unleashing associate potential, they unlock resilience and innovation even in the face of transition and challenge.