Banking Industry: The State of Your Culture

The experts in customer satisfaction and employee engagement join forces to bring you an exclusive syndicated study for the Community Banking and Credit Union sector. Banking Industry: The State of Your Culture will provide valuable insight and tools to direct your culture toward delivering a consistent and excellent customer experience.

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Generating Engagement to Generate Revenue

A leader in global payment services examined the difference between employee engagement in top performing countries and bottom performing countries. In the process, they discovered the correlation between engagement and revenue generation.

When they retraced their engagement levels for their business division, the strength of engagement and the upward movement of engagement measures corresponded to an increased business advantage over time. They attribute that growth to NEXUS, which not only measures but helps participating individuals and teams actively build engagement at the local level. The key? Bringing meaning to each person.

NEXUS provides a manager development portal with resources to help bring out the best in employees. Managers who accessed the portal had higher levels of engagement. Even those who accessed the portal a handful of times showed an increase in engagement when measured the following year.

Through increasing engagement companywide, the organization has increased their competitive advantage by 10% according to their own business metrics. Their stock price has risen to record highs since working with The Coffman Organization on engagement. They’ve expanded the TCO engagement approach to other areas of the organization, transforming the way employees discuss performance with their managers and continuing to build individual ownership of solutions.

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Great Cultures Drive Great Customer Experience

What’s behind consistent, excellent customer service? A great culture. Aligning your culture with your business strategy focuses your employees’ energy toward your business goals and cultivates individual ownership of performance. A best in class customer and member experience starts with a strong culture and thrives with the right training. That’s where we come in.

Line of Sight from Culture to Customer

We help your employees see directly from their daily decisions to their customers. By bringing meaning to each person and equipping individuals to own their own engagement, we help you build a culture that consistently delivers an excellent customer experience. Our research-driven approach focuses on the correlation between engagement and business results because that’s where your people work every day.

This Syndicated Study

Provides an opportunity for you to build customer engagement by building employee engagement. As a client, you will receive invaluable insight on the state of your culture and the steps you can take to increase its effectiveness now and in the years to come.

Partner with the Experts in Customer Engagement

Since 1995 Mosaic Training & Development, Inc. has pursued one clear mission: Assist financial institutions to develop a sustainable competitive advantage through consistent service quality delivery and sales effectiveness. We specialize in research, training and consulting solutions with a proven track record of increasing deposits and net income, improving customer loyalty and growing wallet-share.

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Experts in Employee Engagement

The premier provider of workplace consulting, The Coffman Organization helps organizations around the world engage and focus their talent to create enduring competitive advantage.

We’ve been at the forefront of employee engagement for decades, consistently delivering solutions that combine the best of what we know about people management with new insight and technology. Our first priority is always the results and relationships that move your company forward.

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Engage Employees,

Engage Customers



Personal Insight for Every Employee

Nexus’ first and favorite feature is the Personal Insight Report all survey participants receive immediately upon completing the survey, providing a closer look at their engagement.

Insight with Relevance and Resonance

We provide an executive presentation within days of survey close, translating your data into a story that makes sense to all levels of your organization and provides actionable intelligence for building engagement.

The Tools to Own Engagement

Measuring engagement is only useful as a foundation for building it. We measure only what matters for your organization and deliver reports and resources that help facilitate the discussion that connects your culture to your customers all year long.


Employees Actively Engaged

Employee Responses from


Climbing Customer Product Penetration

A $3.1 billion holding company has multiple banks with different products, leadership and marketing. The challenge? Introduce one universal approach to the customer experience, increasing sales and referral results while maintaining already high service scores. Mosaic assisted with the full sales development process. In 1999, cross-sell ratios for the bank started at 1.40. As of the most recent set of sales measurement reports, the overall cross-sell ratio is at 3.87, the cross-sell ratio for new customers is a 4.57 and the ratio for existing customers is a 3.24.

The Engagement Piece of the Competitive Advantage Puzzle

A global financial services organization increased their competitive advantage by 10% according to their own business metrics by increasing engagement with The Coffman Organization. Both the strength and upward movement of engagement corresponded to a comparable improvement in business results.