Interview with Curt Coffman on the new book:  Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch (Liang Addison Press 2013)

by Tal Shnall, Leading with Giants TV

Cutting-edge Research – New Book – Fresh  Insights

Fans of Coffman’s first, multi-million selling book, First Break All the Rules are raving about the latest and greatest from the best-selling author, speaker, researcher, and talk show host, Curt Coffman.

Promising to “change the way you look at things” Coffman is introducing the latest research on the secrets of high performance culture in a new book, Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch, destined to become the favorite.   Coffman, the thought architect who virtually founded the employee engagement movement, once again has the hottest topic on everyone’s minds these days:  What to do about Culture.

Leaders and managers call his messages Inspirational – yet  empowering and practical, dealing with the issues they face day to day.  Grounded in research with high performing organizations, leaders and managers, his presentation is brimming with stories that bring each lesson to life.

Controversial? – Yes.  Engaging – Absolutely. 

  • Are you “little boxes” separating your culture into “us and them”? 
  • Are your bridges strong enough to support innovation and growth?  
  • Is culture your biggest nightmare or your greatest competitive advantage?

This high-energy book resonates with everyone who has ever worked within a culture to make things happen.

Just Released October 2013

by Curt Coffman & Kathie Sorensen Ph.D.